Administrative Staff

Image of Clare Smith

Clare Smith, IOM, CAE
CEO & Secretary

Image of Heather Zertuche

Heather Zertuche, IOM, CSI
Director of Certification/Inspection Services

Photo of Matt Irvine

Matt Irvine
Customer Relations Manager

Image of Michael Valdes

Michael Valdes
Office Manager

Image of Samantha Lozano

Samantha Davis
Certification Coordinator

Photo of Brittany Hickey

Brittany Hickey
Office Assistant

Architectural Services Representatives

The Woodwork Institute’s Architectural Services Representatives provide a wealth of knowledge to the architectural community and the construction industry. Their primary focus is compliance verification (inspection services) through WI’s Certified Compliance, Monitored Compliance, and Certified Seismic Installation programs.

Concentrating on the design community, WI Architectural Services Representatives are available to review specifications, answer millwork-related questions, consult on design issues, and present seminars for continuing education units that meet the requirements of the American Institute of Architects. Architectural Services Representatives are also available to assist a design professional should they need an impartial opinion about millwork fabricated or installed on a project.

Focusing on fabricators and installers, WI Architectural Services Representatives are available for free and unbiased consultation regarding specification interpretation, compliance issues, shop-drawing protocol, standards interpretations, and other matters. Under certain circumstances, there may be a fee for an inspection.

Ben Castellon
Greater Bay Area

P.O. Box 980247
West Sacramento, CA 95798
Cell: (916) 203-6637

Photo of Chris Justice

Chris Justice
Northwestern CA, Northern Nevada

P.O. Box 980247
West Sacramento, CA 95798
Cell: (916) 214-9331
Fax: (209) 435-8464

Image of Jack Livingston

Jack Livingston
Oregon and Washington

P.O. Box 28206
Portland, OR 97228
Cell: (503) 729-1743

Bob Sherbondy
San Diego, Inland Empire

P.O. Box 980247
West Sacramento, CA 95798
Cell: (916) 214-9334

Image of Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor, CSI, CDT
Greater Los Angeles, Central Coast, Bakersfield