Image of the cover of the Woodwork Institute Quality brochure for architects

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Woodwork Institute’s Key Quality Assurance Options

WI aims to elevate the quality of architectural millwork through our programs, services, and offerings, which include:

Accredited Millwork Companies (AMCs)

Specifying both a WI AMC and a WI Quality Assurance Program for your project will provide you the peace of mind that your project will be executed to your specifications.

WI Accredited Millwork Companies pass stringent qualifications to become accredited, including:

  • Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the North Architectural Woodwork Standards.
  • Six letters of recommendation from contractors, design professionals and/or project owners.
  • No less than three years direct full-time experience in commercial millwork manufacturing/installation within the previous five years.
  • A low to low-medium risk designation from a national credit reporting agencies.
  • Verification of their work by WI either through the initial application or annual obvservance.

To specify an Accredited Millwork Company for your project, consider putting the following language into your specs:

Use of an Accredited Millwork Company

To be eligible to bid or negotiate this job, the subcontractor must be a Woodwork Institute Accredited Millwork Company in good standing.

Specialty Services From Woodwork Institute

  • WI’s Site Compliance Inspection Service – a quality assurance inspection intended to solely assess whether a building has been properly acclimatized to allow for proper millwork installation.
  • WI’s Independent Inspection Service – a quality assurance service provided to a contractual party to a project in which no certification program was specified yet compliance to the specifications is desired.
  • WI’s Expert Witness Opinion Service – a quality assurance service provided to a contractual party to a project, in which litigation is imminent.

For information on inspection issues that can occur and how to prevent them, download Inspection Issues guide here.

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