Woodwork Institute’s Certified Seismic Installation Program™ can be used either as a stand-alone quality control option that can be specified separately or with our Certified Compliance or Monitored Compliance programs.

Benefits to Design Professionals and Property Owners:

  • Specified use of WI’s seismic casework pre-approvals from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) relieves the architect of the need to provide calculations for casework attachment and provides a significant savings in both engineering costs and detailing time.
  • The Certified Seismic Installation Program ensures that proper backing is installed in the walls for compliant casework installation.
  • The program ensures that casework is installed in accordance with Woodwork Institute’s seismic casework pre-approvals within OSHPD’s compliance requirements.
  • The program provides certified acknowledgment that a project’s seismic casework installation requirements have been met.

Benefits to Installers:

  • A consistent cabinet installation methodology
  • Ease of specification compliance
  • Discounted pricing for WI Affiliates

Applicability (OSHPD):

Woodwork Institute’s OSHPD’s pre-approvals are adequate for casework installation within the State of California at any height within the building where the SDS is not greater than 1.93 for base, peninsula, and mechanical chase cabinets, and 2.0 for wall and tall storage cabinets, and includes:

  • Concrete or concrete masonry unit wall construction
  • Wood or metal stud wall construction with either continuous 3 x 6 or 16GA in wall blocking respectively and one or two layers of sheetrock
  • Casework construction of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, or solid phenolic core in compliance with the minimum requirements of the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards, including:
  • Base cabinets, up to 36″ tall x 24″ body depth x 48″ wide, including peninsula and those with mechanical chase
  • Wall cabinets up to 48″ tall x 18″ body depth x 48″ wide
  • Tall storage cabinets up to 96″ tall x 24″ body depth x 48″ wide
  • Peninsula base cabinets up to 36″ tall x 36″ body depth x 48″ wide
  • Mechanical chase base cabinets up to 42″ tall x 36″ body depth and 48″ wide

DSA compliance – In accordance with the California Department of General Services, DSA, Interpretation of Regulation Manual, Section A-5, titled “Acceptance of Products, Materials, and Evaluation Reports” (rev 10/05/12, 2013 CBC) – WI’s OSHPD Pre-approval of Anchorage (OPA), OPA-2649-10 meets the eligibility criteria when used in accordance with IR A-4.13 (Geologic Hazard Report Requirements, rev 12/19/13, 2013 CBC).

Copies of DSA’s IR A-4.13 and A-5 may be found at: www.dgs.ca.gov/dsa/Resources/IRManual.aspx.