The Woodwork Institute Has Your Back

It’s not always easy for an Architect or Project Owner to look at architectural millwork and know that it was built to their specs and built to last. Lesser materials or construction methods are not always obvious to those who don’t knowing the intricacies of quality millwork construction.

How can make sure you as an Architect get the quality millwork you want and your client is paying for?

  1. Specify the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards – the PROVEN millwork standards.
  2. Specify a Woodwork Institute quality assurance program.
  3. Rely on the Woodwork Institute to have your back.

The Woodwork Institute aims to elevate the quality of architectural millwork through our programs, services, and offerings, which include:

The North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS) is a single-volume comprehensive millwork standard for all of the United States and Canada. It has decades of millwork experience behind it, as well as the sponsorship of the Woodwork Institute and the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada supporting it.

WI’s Certified Compliance Program™ is a quality assurance program that verifies that project specifications have been met.

WI’s Monitored Compliance Program™ is an ongoing quality assurance program that verifies project specifications are being met throughout production.

WI’s Certified Seismic Installation Program™ is a quality assurance program that provides OSHPD-preapproved seismic engineering and specifications and ensures installation specifications have been met.

The Woodwork Institute’s core purpose is to assure excellence and craftsmanship in woodwork. Partner with the Woodwork Institute to let us do that for your project.

Why you should have your project certified

Why it is important to certify your project

The Woodwork Institute has created Quality Assurance Programs to maintain a level of quality from members of the architectural millwork industry. WI’s partnership among the design community, contractors, project managers, and installers/fabricators ensure that projects will conform to the Architectural Woodwork Standards.

Woodwork Institute is the EXPERT

The Woodwork Institute is proud to be a joint sponsor — with the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada – of the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.  Edition 3.1 has an effective date of July 1, 2017.

NAAWS is free for limited use by design professionals, building owners, contractors, fabricators, installers and the educational community. A print edition is also available for a nominal price.

Woodwork Institute is a VALUABLE resource to you

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail your local Director of Architectural Services for assistance.

Woodwork Institute is endorsed by California architects

Image of a letter from the American Institute of Architects California Council endorsing the Woodwork Institte as Woodwork Institute is the millwork specifier and certifier endorsed by the American Institute of Architects California Council.

In its endorsement letter to Woodwork Institute, AIACC noted that it commends the Woodwork Institute for its “tremendous contributions to the design and construction industry.”

The letter goes on to say that

“The AIACC recognizes the quality of your organization and the time WI puts forth in ensuring all architects and other design professionals have a means through which to place the high-end stamp of millwork on their designs.”

“Thus, based on the Woodwork Institute’s continued education of the AIA community towards quality architectural millwork specifications and design, and its corresponding quality assurance and quality affirmation programs, the AIACC endorses the Woodwork Institute as ‘millwork specifier and certifier.’”

Click the image above right to view the AIACC endorsement letter.

Woodwork Institute — the leader in inspecting and certifying the quality of architectural woodwork — provides a variety of quality assurance programs, including the Certified Compliance Program™, Monitored Compliance Program™, and Certified Seismic Installation Program™ .

For more information on WI’s quality assurance options, click here.