Product Acknowledgment Process

The Service
Certain product types, such as adhesives, hardware and panel products, are reviewed for compliance with the appropriate minimum quality standards found in the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.

Acknowledgment of a product(s) will delivered by letter to the submitting Affiliate from the Institute, and listing of the product(s) in both our Roster/Resource Guide and on the website. This is an important service that the Institute performs for manufacturers of high quality products and end-users, like owners and architects.

The Process
To receive product acknowledgment, the applicant firm must do the following:

  • Submit a sample of the product
  • Complete with technical literature and in some cases, independent testing confirming that the product complies with the appropriate requirements.

The Institute charges an annual product review fee of $500 for each group of submitted products. All acknowledged products must be re-approved on an annual basis for continued listing on the Institute’s website.

The Savings

  • Product review fees are included within Millwork Industry Partner dues.
  • If a firm has acknowledged products and submits products for approval frequently, the savings on product review fees would be a substantial benefit of becoming a Millwork Industry Partner.

The Acknowledged Product Listings

The Woodwork Institute offers the following acknowledged product listings as a service to its Affiliates and the architectural millwork industry in conjunction with the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.

  • These listings acknowledge Affiliate products that have been reviewed and confirmed to meet the Institute’s minimum requirements.
  • Exclusion of any particular product does not necessarily connote its noncompliance, but only that its compliance has not been confirmed by the Institute.
  • Minimum product requirements are as established by the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards. Burden of proof of a product’s compliance rests on the manufacturer or submitting Affiliate firm.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to submit products for review, as the Institute does not search out eligible Affiliate products, and assumes no responsibility for any eligible Affiliate product omissions.

Disclaimer: Information and statements herein are believed to be correct and reliable, but are not to be construed as a warranty or representation for which the Woodwork Institute assumes legal responsibility. Users should undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability for their own particular purpose of any information and products referred herein. No warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is made.

Acknowledged Products Listings

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