Use this chart to help you decide which WI quality assurance option is right for your project.

North American Architectural Woodwork Standards —An industry standard for architectural millwork in which the materials, fabrication, workmanship, installation, and appearance are established depending on the grade or grades specified. Defined quality is desired — You want to ensure you are specifying quality materials, fabrication, and installation consistent with economic utilization of resources for the grade selected. None — NAAWS is available as a free digital download to members of the design community at
Certified Compliance Program™ — CCP affords an increased degree of quality assurance in shop drawings, product fabrication, and/or installation, through the inspection/certification of non-licensees, and the self-inspection/certification of licensees. An assured outcome is required — Assures shop drawings will contain the necessary documentation to confirm your intended design and quality. Advises fabricator, and/or installer, of your quality concern and requirements. Verifies compliance with your specifications. Fixed — Click here for pricing.
Monitored Compliance Program™ — MCP ensures product fabrication, and/or installation, will comply with your specifications through monitoring involvement during the planning, fabrication, and installation process. Assured performance is required — This allows for correction of issues with minimal disruption to the project schedule. Ensure the performance and compliance of your architectural millwork project specifications. Written status reports are issued during the project’s progression, giving you timely notification of any non-compliant findings. For optimal value, we encourage you to advise WI of all MCP projects specified so we can provide timely monitoring. Variable — Click here for pricing.
Certified Seismic Installation Program™ — CSIP provides WI-engineered and OSHPD-preapproved methods for the seismic installation of casework. Verification is provided for in-wall blocking, casework installation, and fasteners (including size, location, and frequency). It includes a review of shop drawings for blocking location requirements. Seismic assurance and time savings are critical — Specified use of WI’s seismic casework pre-approvals from California OSHPD relieves the architect of the need to provide calculations for casework attachment and provides a significant savings in both engineering costs and detailing time. Variable — Click here for pricing.