Affiliates are entitled to:

  • Hold office or serve as Directors and to vote on matters being considered by the general affiliates.
  • Display the Woodwork Institute logo on company brochures, ads, business cards, etc.
  • Receive the benefits of and participate in all current and possible future services of the Woodwork Institute, such as technical field service, comparative operating studies and statistics, information bulletins, meetings, publications, general promotion, and similar activities.
  • Receive the Institute’s annual Affiliate Roster & Resource Guide.
  • Eligibility for the Institute’s Licensee program.

Affiliation Types

  • Accredited Millwork Company
    Accredited Millwork Company (AMC) affiliation is available to those individuals and firms primarily engaged in the fabrication, distribution, brokering, and/or installation of architectural millwork products within California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
  • Certified Millwork Professional
    Certified Millwork Professional (CMP) affiliation is available to those individuals employed by AMCs that meet the minimum qualifications and accept the responsibility of serving as the AMC’s WI license signatory.
  • Millwork Industry Partner
    Millwork Industry Partner (MIP) affiliation
     is available to individuals, companies, or associations primarily engaged in the supplying of goods and services to Accredited Millwork Companies.


  • Licensee
    Firms desiring to become Licensees shall have a minimum of three years of experience in the architectural millwork industry, provide at least six letters of recommendation (two of which are from members of the design community), agree to and sign the Institute’s Code of Ethics, and have at least one employee pass a written examination on the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards. Additionally, applicants shall provide at least three projects for inspection applicable to the type of license(s) for which they are applying and when inspected they shall meet or exceed WI Custom Grade. Affiliates are entitled to a 10% discount on the Licensee application and/or renewal fees, and WI Inspection/Certification services. Licensees are entitled to a 30% discount on WI Inspection/Certification services; however, if they are also a WI Affiliate the discount is increased to 40%.
  • Licensee Signatory
    Each Woodwork Institute Licensee Firm is required to have at least one Licensee Signatory. It is the Woodwork Institute’s highest level of accreditation. The Licensee Signatory shall prove his/her superior industry knowledge, experience, and management of millwork projects and shall be knowledgeable in all aspects of the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards and the Woodwork Institute’s policies and procedures. It is recommended that the Chief Estimator, Chief Draftsman, Production Manager, Shop Foreman, Finishing Foreman, and Outside Superintendent apply for Licensee Signatory status.

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