Accredited Millwork Company (AMC) affiliation is available to those individuals and firms primarily engaged in the fabrication, distribution, brokering, and/or installation of architectural millwork products within California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Accredited Millwork Company (AMC) affiliates entitled to:

Firms desiring to become Accredited Millwork Companies shall have appropriate qualifications, including:

  • A minimum of six letters of recommendation from a contractor, design professional and/or owner on company letterhead, for which applicant firm has manufactured or installed millwork products within the previous 24 months, with at least two from design professionals and at least two from general contractors/customers.
  • No less than three years direct full-time experience, or its equivalent, in commercial millwork manufacturing/installation within the previous five years, subject to appeal with adequate evidence of other appropriate experience
  • A Low to Low-Medium Risk designation from a national credit reporting agency with good payment history, clear of liens
  • A copy of all State Contractor Licenses currently or previously held, including complete disclosure of any administrative or judicial actions taken concerning such licenses during the preceding 36 months.

Firms must also appoint a primary contact who shall:

  • Serve as the firm’s “Designated Representative” (not required to be a WI CMP)
  • Take an open book examination (Accredited Millwork exam) on their knowledge of the industry, shop drawing development/submittal, and WI’s Programs and Services Manual, with a passing score of 85% or better
  • Oversee the application process, including execution of the “Woodwork Institute License Warrant” binding applicant to the terms and conditions of the “Woodwork Institute License Agreement for Certified Compliance Program”

Firms must also have WI License Status, including one or more of the following WI License Types:

  • Type A – For all millwork products, excluding casework and non-wood countertops
  • Type A-D – For wood doors only*
  • Type A-D-E – For installation of wood doors only
  • Type A-E – For all millwork products, excluding casework and non-wood countertops
  • Type B – For casework*
  • Type B-E – For installation of casework
  • Type C – For flat and/or formed plastic laminate countertops*
  • Type C* – For flat (only) plastic laminate countertops*
  • Type C-E – For installation of laminated plastic countertops
  • Type DL – For laboratory countertops
  • Type DL-E – For installation of laboratory countertops
  • Type DS – For solid surface countertops*,**
  • Type DS-E – For installation of solid surface countertops**
  • Type SB-E – For Certified Seismic Installation of casework

*These license types require a permanent business establishment with adequate machinery to be engaged in the manufacturing/fabrication of product (firms outside of California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington must pay all of the Institute’s additional costs of verifying such).

**These license types require proof of fabrication and/or installation certification from a solid surface manufacturer.

Annual Fee: $2,100

Application Fee: $2,400

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