Certified Millwork Professional (CMP) affiliation is available to those individuals employed by AMCs that meet the minimum qualifications and accept the responsibility of serving as the AMC’s WI license signatory.

When in good standing, the CMP is entitled to:

  • Be a CMP representative who may hold office, serve as a director, vote, and serve on the CMP Advisory Committee.
  • Display WI’s CMP logo
  • Receive an annual certificate of CMP status
  • Serve as an Inspector of Record on behalf of employer’s AMC CCP License
  • Receive one free paper copy and unlimited digital copies of each published edition of our standards
  • Receive discounts, as published on WI’s website, on publications, educational programs, and/or future products
  • Participate in other benefits or programs as may be offered
  • Receive website and Roster listing of CMP status

Application requires:

Appropriate qualifications, including taking an open book examination* on their knowledge of the standards and WI Programs and Services Manual, with a passing score of 85% or better (examination may be retaken until passed) and agreeing to disciplinary action for non-certification and multiple failed inspections.

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