2013 Honorees

AP Architects
CO Architects
Darden Architects
HMC Architects
Kendall Young Associates

SCArchitects Inc.
Taylor Teter Partnership LLC
VCBO Architecture
WLC Architects
Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects

2011 Honorees

Alpha Design Group
HMC Architects
IBI Group Blurock Architects

Mangini Associates Incorporated
Ordiz-Melby Architects
Sugimura Finney Architects
WLC Architects

2003-2004 Honorees

Anderson Owen Group
Baker Vilar Architects with WLC Architects
BFGC Architects Planners Inc., Bakersfield
BFGC Architects Planners Inc., Oakland
BFGC Architects Planners Inc., San Jose
Candice Wong, AIA
Carlos Caceres, AIA
Carolyn Munoz
Charles T. Bryant & Associates
Dave Paoli, AIA
Deems Lewis McKinley with Marshall Wake, CSI
Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects with Richard M. Sinner, CSI, CCS
Edwin S. Darden Associates Inc.

Fields & Deveraux with Carol Johnson, CSI
FTA Architecture & Planning Inc.
Gary Wood & Prest/Vuksic Architects
George Wienn, AIA
Greg Hammers
HMC Architects
John Raeber, FAIA, FCSI, CCS
John Raeber & Field Paoli Architects
John Raeber, CSI & Kappe+Du Architects
Kal Porter
Ken Rossi
Landworth DeBolske Associates
Mangini Associates

Martinez Architects Inc.
Martinez Architects Inc.
Marvin Chew, AIA, CSI, SCIP
Michael Merino Architects
Mandy Porter
Maurice Macare
McRae Planning & Architecture Group
Mike Lusso
Mun Ying Kung, AIA
Perkins & Will
Pitassi Architects Inc.
PSWC Group
Quatro Design Group

Ralph Allen & Partners
Richard M. Sinner, CSI, CCS
Rich Schoenwald & Teter a+e
Rod Round, AIA
RRM Design Group
Susan Ahan
The Design Partnership
The Steinberg Group
Thomas Eliot Fisch
WLC Architects
WLC Architects & Max Medina
William Buchholz, AIA, CSI
Wolff Lang Christopher Architects

2001-2002 Honorees

Baker Vilar Architects
Brad Henderson
Craig Mount, AIA, CSI
Gary Wood
Greg Fairinsky

Holly Bieniewski
Jane S. Cee
Jim McGregor
John Raeber
Ken Brewer, AIA

Marvin Chew
Timothy Wissenback

2000-2001 Honorees

Axia Architects
Cannon Architects
Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis

Frank Gonsalves, Architect
North Coast Engineering Inc.
RRM Design Group

1999 Honorees

Albert C. Martin & Associates
BFGC Architects
Esherick Homsey Dodge and Davis
Ewing Architects
Group 4 Architectural Research
Gualda & Associates

Harry Campbell Architects
HCA Architects
JBL Associates
Joseph Nichols Architects,
Langdon Wilson Architecture Planning
LR Design Associates

MBH Architects
Neptune-Thomas-Davis & Associates
Phillip Henry Architecture
PSWC Architects
San Francisco Bureau of Architecture
San Marino Unified School District

Spencer/Hoskins Associates
Tate & Snyder, Architects
Teter Consultants
Winston H. Henderson Architects
WLC Architects Inc.

1998 Honorees

AC Martin Partners Inc.
BFGC Architects
Bureau of Architecture, SFFD
Fehlman LaBarre Architecture & Planning
Galvin Cristilli Architects
Gensler & Associates

George Miers & Associates
HMC Architects Inc.
HSA Architects
JMA Architecture Studios
KA Inc.,WLC Architects Inc.
Martinez Amador Architects Inc.

MCG & Associates
Metropolitan Wastewater Dept.
Noll & Tam Architects
Paul Taggart Architects
Ruhnau Ruhnau Associates

Studio E Architects
TBP Architecture
Tectonics Inc.
Thomas Blurock Architects
Trittipo & Associates
WLC Architects