Certified Compliance Program

The Woodwork Institute’s Certified Compliance Program™ is an established quality assurance tool for millwork projects used in conjunction with the standards contained within the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards. It provides the assurance that your project will be done correctly.

Monitored Compliance Program

The Monitored Compliance Program™ expands upon the Certified Compliance Program by providing ongoing reviews and inspections of the project by Woodwork Institute staff from start to finish. The Monitored Compliance Program is an established discipline of quality control.

Certified Seismic Installation Program

The Certified Seismic Installation Program™ provides access to the Woodwork Institute’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development seismic casework installation pre-approvals. The Certified Seismic Installation Program can be used as an expansion of the Certified Compliance or Monitored Compliance programs or as a stand-alone compliance program. The Certified Seismic Installation Program provides a non-biased means of verifying conformance to the project’s specific seismic casework in wall blockings, installation, and fastener size (frequency and location). It includes a review of shop drawings for blocking location requirements. The program relieves the architect of the need to provide calculations for casework attachment, and provides a significant savings in both engineering costs and detailing time.

Specialty Services

The Woodwork Institute also provides Expert Witness, Independent Inspection, and Site Compliance Inspection services.