Certified Compliance Program – Fee Schedule

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In General

  • Woodwork Institute’s western service area is California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
  • Certification outside WI’s service area requires reimbursement of all Director of Architectural Services (DAS) incurred travel, lodging and meal expenses.
  • Covers shop drawing, product and/or installation certification (including 2 hours of on-site inspection time), DAS travel time within WI’s service area, and administrative processing time.
  • DAS time incurred beyond the basic program allowances is or failed inspections are billed at an hourly rate of $215 in quarter-hour increments.
  • For each additional phase, a fee of $430 (minimum 2 hours of on-site inspection time).
  • If an inspection fails, a re-inspection fee will be charged.
  • Fees are subject to change and are required to be paid in full at time of request, prior to service.
  • Additional fees are required to be paid in full before release of certificate/inspection report.

Within Western Service Area

Requiring Shop Drawing Certification Only

  • Basic Fee: $320; Re-inspection Fee: $320
    • Includes up to 2 hours of shop drawing review/inspection time only.
    • For each additional phase, a fee of $320 will be charged.

Millwork Contracts of Less Than $10,000

  • Basic Fee: $1,285; Re-inspection Fee: $1,285

Millwork Contracts of $10,000 or More

  • Basic Fee: $2,140; Re-inspection Fee: $2,140

Other Service Areas

  • Basic Fee: $3,210 (Includes up to 8 hours of DAS travel/standby time); Re-inspection Fee: $3,210

CCP Fee Schedule

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